Bathroom Reading Month

Bathroom Reading Month (Humanure humor by Geo Davis)

Bathroom Reading Month (Humanure humor by Geo Davis)

Welcome to the most bibliophilic month of the year. June is National Bathroom Reading Month. I $#%& you not. And I would like to suggest that this thirty day celebration of commodious living is the perfect opportunity to spend some time on the throne with 40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed. It’s the perfect potty companion! Perhaps even more more perfect than Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader

Bathroom reader is the best source for fun facts and interesting trivias. (Source: Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader)

Potty Poetry (and Doodles)

You think I’m joking? Wrong. Inadvertently forgetting decorum and decency? Wrong again.

Potty time is the perfect time for poetry. Solitary. Meditative. Inevitable, recurring, short-ish format. Poetry (and doodles) are ideal for quick, flip-and-read situations. Drop in, drop out. Skin. Shop around. Dog ear. Reread.

But what about the theme? Is middle-age meditation appropriate for work? Too mocking? Too ruminant? Too laxative?

I think it’s perfect. Micro-escapism. Sort of like yoga or a quick bungee jump before entering a board meeting. But don’t just take my word for it; try it for yourself. And when you’re reach the end of the book, don’t fret because:

  1. I’m editing a second edition that will be published before year’s end, and
  2. there’s Poopfiction (@ReadPoopFiction) if you’re impatient and digitally inclined.

Next time nature calls, you might want to check out Poopfiction, a new company that helps you find bathroom-appropriate reading material based on how long you say you’ll be on the toilet. (Source: Toilet Entertainment)

You see? I’m not alone in my out-of-the-cube thinking! Here’s PoopFiction’s hook.

We pick the perfect story for your bathroom break – the only paper you need is on the roll. (Source: PoopFiction)

I’m hooked.

Whether you prefer digital doodie ditties or good old-fashioned paper potty lit, I suggest that you check out 40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed. It’ll make you regular. Or not…

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