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First Peony 2015

One of the fastest growing markets in sex education today… [is comprised of those who] grew up in the hot ’60s and are now confronting their own myths around sexuality, midlife and aging… The over-50, midlife, baby boomer sexual being has arrived. And what they want is support and information around how to expand their sexuality with changing bodies. [Source: Busted! 5 Myths About Sex After 50]

So there’s that to look forward to. The post-midlife drift is actually going to be an erotic Elysian Field! Phew…

Pamela Madsen’s June 4, 2015 , “Huffington Post article” offers five sexy looks at life after 50+. Are you ready?

1. Curiosity & Eroticism

Over 50 men and women are reporting they they are indeed very interested in sex! For many there is a renewed curiosity about their bodies and a deep desire to explore their eroticism more fully.

2. Out-of-the-Box Sex

[Baby]  boomers are reporting a willingness to explore their sexuality in many out-of-the-box ways… They tend to be adventurous, orgasmic, and sexually curious.

3. Sexy Inside vs. Outside

With all the focus on midlife plastic surgery and diets, you would think that sexuality in midlife is all about looking younger… There is a shift. Boomers are wanting to “feel” sexy inside. Many are on a quest to find out what their sexual desires really are, and how to safely express them.

4. From Intercourse to Outercourse

Boomers actually tend to be less “intercourse” driven. There is a new interest in “outercourse.” […] The emphasis… [is] no longer about how to “get off.” The Orgasm Olympics are less interesting. It’s now about savoring and expanding pleasure.

5. Erotic Adventures

People 50 and older are no longer willing to be sexually adventurous. Our capacity for pleasure, exploration, and wild adventures does not end with a birthday… When we turn 50, it can feel like we are standing at a sexual crossroads… [and an increasing percentage of boomers] are stepping into midlife sexuality with a sense of excitement and freedom.

You still with me? On the one hand Pamela Madsen’s ( and @pamelamadsen) post-midlife billboard is reassuring and enticing. On the other, it sounds a little like Ms. Madsen protests too much. She is after all a sexuality coach with books, speaking gigs, and a coaching career to promote. However you slice it, AARP is starting to sound [slightly] sexier than I previously imagined.

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