Middle Age = Halfway Closer to Dead

Halfway closer to dead?!?!

I introduce to you Katie Goodman (@katiegoodman). Comic. Entertainer. Singer. Midlife badass.

I think being in your late-40’s makes you a badass. Why? Cuz you’ve gotten over some stuff, you’ve let go of some stuff, and you’ve learned some stuff. You know what your politics are. You know how to demand a raise without getting defensive. You know you might not ever get a better time on your half marathon. .. but you also don’t really care. You’ve got other important shit to do. ~ Katie Goodman (Source: Midlife Crisis? That Was So Last Year.)

Did I mention midlife badass? I did. She did. If you missed it, up your speakers, push back your chair and discover the joys of being halfway closer to dead.

Halfway Closer to Dead

Written by Katie Goodman and Soren Kisiel, “Halfway Closer to Dead” is an unapologetic anthem. A musical listicle of midlife growing pains (cue bladder control). And hubris: “I still give blowjobs on my original knees…”

“Halfway Closer to Dead”, right? Thank me later.

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