Midlife Crisis Quiz

Teenage RebelCrumby title. Again. I mean, quiz?!?! Who’s inspired by a quiz? Not me.

But Rachel Addine’s midlife crisis quiz, “What Kind of Midlife Crisis Will You Have?“, which was published on PlayBuzz.com yesterday is actually pretty fun. In a waiting-to-see-the-dentist kind of way.

It’s basically a pseudo personality quiz masquerading as a digital game. Answer a few questions and discover what sort of midlife crisis you’ll have. Maybe you’re already having it!

Teenage Rebel Relapse

That nice image above? My dandy doodle of the midlife crisis I can expect. Here’s what Ms. Addine forecasts for yours truly.

The Teenage Rebel You will at times act as a teenager again and literally pick up where you left off from your childhood. Festivals, cocktail parties, buying a motor-bike; it’ll all be part of the fun. It will be a time for you to let go of your expectations of what adulthood should be, and simply have a good time. (PlayBuzz.com)

Take the Midlife Crisis Quiz to find out what kind of midlife crisis will you might have. And if you need some encouragement, consider the followup question posed by Rachel Addine.

What kind of midlife crisis will you have? And what great things you will probably achieve because of it?

Ready to take the midlife crisis quiz? Don’t worry it’s just a game. Right?

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