Mobile Midlife

Digital ditties and doodles,
dodgy doggerel and detritus
muttering of mobile midlife
cribbed, clipped, cropped
and curated. Curious why’s
and signs, whines and sighs
Collecting in my pocket…

(Source: “Mobile Midlife”, 40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed)

Back to the scene of the crime? Sighs and whines in my pocket?!?!

Actually it’s something short of crime, I hope. This is another excerpt from the ongoing smartphone meditation that I’ve revisited since early in this cycle. For better. For worse.

One of the challenges I’ve given myself for this project is to explore my portable digital devices, especially my phone, as creative tools. Creative toys. To stretch them beyond the purely practical into the purely creative. Give it a shot, you might enjoy it. And you’ll probably create some amazingly original work that you wouldn’t have even considered if it weren’t for the omnipresent, scary-powerful briquette in your pocket. :-)

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