Publication Time


My weird-wacky-wonderful manuscript is no longer a manuscript. A far-flung and diverse mix of beta testers have generously offered me “barometer reads”, and I’ve wrapped up revisions. A deft designer has alchemized the bits and pieces into a tidy book. And shortly the whole adventure will be pressed into paper. It’s publication time.

At last it’s time to send this wayward child out into the world. Time to let these quirky creations fend for themselves. Time to start organizing and revising the second booklet in the series. Time to distill useful lessons from the first book and use them to spike up the second book. Or something.

Soon I’ll add a way for you to grab your very own copy of this unconventional and experimental hybrid. Visual poems. Verbal poems. Lyric doodles all. Both a fragmented memoir and a poetry collection. A memoir in verse, a poetry cycle in pursuit of a happy ending. Or a fresh beginning. Thanks for your curiosity. I hope I don’t disapoint!

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