Creativity on Tap

The creativity spigot runs cold. It runs hot. And sometimes — the worst of times — it runs not.

Better to run cold than not at all, but best when fluctuating between a hot gush and a tepid trickle. Floods of inspiration punctuated with marathons of perspiration. Starts. Finishes.

Creativity Caveat

Enough with the how of creativity and on to why

Why court the muse? Why seduce and sing and celebrate the untamed, the untamable spirit? Why create at all?

“Doing creativity for praise is ego suicide.” ~ Kirby Curtis

Creating for the sake of winning love and laurels and loot is a dangerous detour. Finicky and ephemeral. 

Better to ignore praise. And criticism. Better to create because you’re curious. Because it thrills you. Because it’s risky. Because sometimes there are fireworks and marvels demystified and bold, bare naked beauty. Because you can. Because you must.

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