Midlife Crisis Postponed

40x41: Midlife Crisis Postponed

Feeling that first tickle of midlife?

Blogger and backcountry bon vivant Geo Davis is self-medicating midlife with daily doses of poetry, doodling, and adrenaline. Unconventional? Yes. A mind bending muddle of graffiti and group therapy? Possibly. The best damned potty reading for 35-55 men? Absolutely!


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Midlife Crisis Postponed

40x41: Midlife Crisis Postponed by Geo Davis

Witness middle age lived inside out. Candid, quirky, and close-up.

  • mirages of (im)mortality
  • a wrinkle, a twitch, and a hernia
  • longing for analog in a digital world…

Equal parts anesthetic, narcotic, stimulant, and placebo, these visual and verbal mash-ups treat midlife’s mockeries and paradoxes.

40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed might prevent your midlife train wreck. Then again, it might not!

Self-Medicating Midlife

Medical marijuana and Manhattans. A convertible with too little legroom and too much engine room. A saucy new assistant with as much élan as ambition. A “mamil” (middle-aged man in lycra) metamorphosis and newfound zeal for pedal-power crotch rockets…

These middle age elixirs may work for some, but what if there’s a better way?

What if art turns out to be the perfect midlife self-medication? Creativity is joy-making, humbling, calming, empowering, mind expanding, and in so many ways just incredibly healthful. And it’s free, legal and poses relatively few (mostly innocuous) side effects. (Source: Geo Davis, Self-Medicating Midlife

Could art — unbridled creative risk-taking — actually be the best way to self-medicate midlife? It’s time to find out!


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Swap a Midlife Crisis for a Midlife Leap?!?!

There’s always a back story, and this one starts with a dash of despair and a blast of bravado.

Early on I clung to the idea of a midlife crisis postponed averted. Tongue and cheek. But also realistic. I was already wrestling with some of the growing pains… But I was also committed from the get-go to see my midlife transition as an opportunity for growth, a springboard to something better, a fulcrum to lever some of my dreams out of the dirt and up into the sunlight. (Source: Geo Davis, Midlife Inside Out)

Out of the dirt. Into the sunlight! Above all I was determined to sidestep the proverbial midlife crisis, to eschew a midlife crisis for a midlife leap.

So I find myself on a journey, simultaneously inward and outward. Introspective. Wayward.

40×41: Midlife Crisis Postponed is my ship’s log from the first couple of years at sea. I hope that the verbal and visual vignettes might offer useful insight or levity to fellow travelers.


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