"Caveat" Excerpt (Source: Geo Davis)

“Caveat” Excerpt (Source: Geo Davis)

Sometimes the only way to figure out what something is is by affirming what it is not. Not the most elegant process, but it gets the job done. Usually. (Source: Pocket Rocket | Midlife Inside Out)

Four and a half years ago I posted an excerpt from a draft poem I was then calling “This is Not”.

No pimped out pocket rocket.
No selective serotonin reuptake
inhibitors, erectile dysfunction tips,
or magic carpet rides to the front steps
of your posh brownstone, permission slip
pinned to your pima, wine-dyed tuxedo shirt.

It evolved into “Caveat”, a busty burst of inelegant affirmation (nullification?) which was included in Midlife Crisis Postponed. Here’s the full poem.

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