Midlife: Fumbling Forward

Hummingbird I (Source: virtualDavis)

Hummingbird I (Source: virtualDavis)

“I saw how a man who, unexpectedly, in midlife, had been dumped for someone else, might struggle to keep up his old sense of self, his old optimism. How he might take on an Indiana Jones look, indicative of hopes of adventure, while being careful not to get into anything new that might result in further pain. I saw the polite charm, the detachment, the silk shirt and the expensive restaurant differently, and the way he had surrounded himself with objects that reminded him he had been places and done things, nourishing this unexpected new stage of his life with icons from the past that would carry him forward.” (Source: The Guardian)

If that feels like an unsympatheitc glimpse into midlife, read the whole article. This unflinching, unfiltered, unapologetic expose, “Roger invites me to his flat, but not everything goes to plan“, isn’t exactly inspiring. But it may offer a candid reminder to lean into the midlife challenge(s) instead of tossing in the towel. A bleak baseline, but a humble ode to fumbling forward…

In other words, sometimes it makes sense to look the ugly beast dead in the eyes — even when it’s all you can do to keep putting one foot in front of the other — and gazes locked, to promise it (and yourself) that you’re not giving up. Fumble forward. And before you know it you’ll be at the top of your game again. Or, at least near the top of your game. Good luck!

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