It’s Up to You

“What you do with your life and what you find enjoyable with your life is up to you. And I think it’s wonderful if you can follow things that you like to do… I like waking up in the morning because I know I have another day.” ~ Yvonne Dowlen (Source: National Geographic)

90-year-old figure skater Yvonne Dowlen

90-year-old figure skater Yvonne Dowlen

I started my day with a joyful and inspiring 90-year-old figure skater named Yvonne Dowlen. Rather than rehash the creative work of Katie Stjernholm and Jonathan Hiller from Balcony Nine Media, I’ll simply share the video. It’s worth every second it’ll take you to watch it. Twice!


Takeaways? Shedding a tear or two is a surprisingly revitalizing way to start the weekend. Never forget that this one, unique life you’re living is yours alone. Imagine it. Create it. Be grateful for it. And live every single moment as if it might be your last. One day it will be. Carpe diem!


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