Midlife Monologue

What's your midlife monologue? (Source: Geo Davis)

What’s your midlife monologue? (Source: Geo Davis)

I’m curious about your midlife monologue. Everyone’s middle age is different. Some don’t experience any transition at all (or so they insist), while others wrestle creatively/productively/disastrously/etc. with middle ages’s inevitable shifts and changes. What’s your midlife experience?

  • Leap, pivot, or crisis?
  • Positive transition or turmoil?
  • Tiny tweaks or full system reboot?

Where are you on the midlife spectrum? What’s your midlife monologue?

Your Midlife Monologue

I’m curious how you are navigating middle age. I’ve been working on a midlife monologue series that draws upon narratives from people (some I’ve met, others I haven’t) offering useful, cautionary, and/or entertaining insights. I gravitate towards unique perspectives that askew the preachy and the desperate, that are candid and honest, and that offer a glimpse of something universal. Sometimes even something beautiful.

If it sounds like your experience might make a good midlife monologue, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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