What Do You Think of Doodling?

The October 2016 edition of mindful published highlights from a reader survey about boredom. In general, the piece supports the bias that boredom may not be such a bad thing after all… Maybe not. Then again, I’m pretty certain I’ve never been bored. Really!

One of the questions included was, “What do you think of doodling?”

My opinion about doodling (and my somewhat ample/unorthodox definition of doodling) is a recurring theme in this blog and at virtualDavis.com, so I won’t attempt to sum it up here.

But I was pleased to see that 65% of the survey responses indicated that doodling is a creative release. Spot on! And 21% set the doodling is a good “way to relieve tension.” That looks like 86% positive feedback about doodling. I agree with both conclusions, plus I don’t for a conjoined addition: doodling is a creative way to relieve tension. But it needn’t always be medicinal. Sometimes doodling is purely recreational!

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What do you think of doodling?

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